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Step One

Add Event To Calendar

You can choose to attend any of your preferred dates. We have limited spots for these sessions so please ensure you show up for the date you picked, there might not be an open slot for other days.

Add this event to your calendar and set a reminder to join in early

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Step Two

Join the Private Facebook Group

Getting the support of other people on the same journey empowers you to do more and get the best results for yourself.

Join the private Facebook Group, introduce yourself and follow the guides and featured posts to get the best experience for yourself

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Step Three

Invite Friends You Want To Win With in 2023

We highly recommend you don't do this alone, send a message to your friends, the friends, colleagues and family members you want to see win in 2023.

Copy this link "" send to them to go sign up and reserve their spots so they can create the 2023 they truly desire.

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Step Four

Upgrade To VIP Experience

We like to offer up something extra for the extra entrepreneurs who always enjoy going all in to stand out and get the most they can.

Upgrading to the VIP Experience gives you the opportunity to join us live on Zoom each day, you get to keep the event recordings and ask your questions directly to Theo, you'd also get 1 hour laser coaching sessions after each day to go deeper and help you get better results plus so many more amazing bonuses

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Customer Acquisition Challenge Logo png

DISCLAIMER: We do not believe in "get rich schemes" we simply offer information and educational materials to help you understand your business and serve your customers, we do not guarantee your results and earnings, they can only be determined by your hard work, discipline and personal circumstances.

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